FAS Money Management Solutions

When choosing money management with Ohnward Financial Advisor Services, FAS will design investment strategies to meet your long-term investment goals by building portfolios that fit your overall financial situation, and risk tolerance.


As active managers of your investments, FAS money manager partners give you strong guidance, advice on various types of investments and oversight of your investment portfolio and returns.


Miles Capital

Guided by the principles of client service, integrity and investment performance, the people of Miles Capital have successfully served insurance companies, institutions, municipalities and government agencies, foundations and endowments, retirement plans and individual investors since 1982. Miles Capital is a registered investment advisor headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Miles' investment process has been honed through more than a quarter-century of faithful adherence to a disciplined investment model with a focus on risk-aware portfolio construction. Miles Capital seeks to provide investment strategies that identify and control risk while capitalizing on long-term economic, demographic and cultural trends, as well as fundamental shifts in business practices. Holdings are evaluated through competent, fundamental research, a proven valuation model and access to outside resources.

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Ohnward Oaks Managed Portfolios


For years, investors have struggled with the laborious task of filtering through the endless information to select the appropriate asset mix, and subsequent investment options, that best meet their retirement goals and objectives.


Likewise, investors seem to be able to identify their risk tolerance, but find it difficult to develop specific portfolios consistent with their risk profile, not to mention satisfy their retirement objectives.


Now there is a solution with Ohnward Oaks Managed Portfolios. These managed portfolios allow an investor to select one of a group of portfolios, based on possible return and risk tolerance, and then turn over the asset management and portfolio construction to Ohnward Financial Advisor Services.

Ready to get started?  Schedule a meeting to meet with our financial professionals today. For your first meeting, we will ask that you complete our investment questionnaire and bring it with you.

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Van Meter Associates
Van Meter Associates, LLC is a registered investment advisor under the security laws of Illinois.  The owners/managers are Michael Van Meter and Clarke Van Meter.

Mike and Clarke are the managing partners of the firm with Clarke's efforts focused on portfolio strategy and tactics.  Mike's primary responsibility is client development and daily management of the business.  They work closely together at all times researching market opportunities.

With over 60 years combined experience, they are devoted to the active and thoughtful oversight of their client's assets.  Following conventional Wall Street wisdom merely assures investors a seat on the bandwagon.  Van Meter Associates focus on examining the investment landscape to identify both risks and opportunities they feel are not fully recognized in consensus opinion.

Van Meter Associates' goal is to help their clients navigate the market cycle to reach their investment goals by matching realistic investment policy and strategy with their individual circumstances.

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